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Partnering for Commercial Conversion Success

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Architectural Firm in Massachusetts

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Feasibility Study

  • Residential Unit Design

  • Historical Preservation

The experienced professionals at VALERE Architects are ready to assist you in your commercial to residential conversion project in Boston.  Our design team unlocks the potential of underused commercial spaces, transforming them into sought-after residences or mixed-use properties, fostering a vibrant atmosphere on your city streets. 


Partner with VALERE Architects for your Commercial Conversion Project.

What is the Downtown Office to Residential Conversion PILOT Program?

On July 10, 2023, Mayor Wu and the BPDA announced the launch of a Downtown Residential Conversion Incentive PILOT Program for downtown office buildings to convert unused office buildings into residential units.


This is in response to high vacancy rates and a need for more housing options. The program will offer tax breaks to developers who convert their buildings. The converted buildings must meet certain zoning and energy efficiency standards.


The program is temporary and applications will only be accepted until June of 2024.


VALERE, a team founded in 2021, fosters growth through collaboration. With a combined 25+ years of experience.  Their expertise spans light commercial, restaurants and cafes, community-focused projects, residential design, and multi-family housing.


VALERE’ mission is to create value throughout the design process, seeking to grow alongside their clients, employees, and the community. Their designs are driven by inspired aesthetics, uncompromising quality, a focus on technical efficiency, and incorporating sustainable practices.

Matthew O'Boyle

CEO + Founder

Mya McWilliams

Architectural Associate

James B. Sowell

Vice President

Andrzej Skonieczny

Marketing Manager

Ethan Cattanach

Architectural Associate


Are you ready to begin working on your project?  Maybe you're still in the early stages of planning.

No matter how far along in the process you may be, VALERE is ready to help your project become a reality. 

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VALERE really did cover all the bases and took everything into consideration that we wanted and didn't add anything we didn’t, which to me is almost even more important.

Rich Ferrara,


Greenerside Dispensary

We rely on VALERE to not only bring our architectural vision to reality but also to identify things which we would otherwise not have thought to consider.

Aaron Marks,


Aurum Botanics

When choosing an architect, it's important to find someone with the experience and the eye for design, and with VALERE, it's the complete package.

Mike Albert, 


Pioneer Valley Trading Co.




Crafting a vision for your building or campus is key in defining goals, establishing timelines, securing funding, and crating a plan for your team to follow.  VALERE Architects can work with you to identify your goals and needs and create a long-term, forward-thinking plan for the development of your building. 


Why is a comprehensive plan important?  

With an established strategy in place, high-level decision making early on guides project decisions for months and years to come reducing the design and planning phase of future projects.  From utilities to egress requirements, a thoughtful big picture plan helps save on infrastructure costs, decision making timelines, and making sure the end goal does not get lost in the process.


Regardless of how many residential units your building can support, there are always unique spaces that require a skilled team to design.  We pride ourselves on efficient designs with a repeatable kit-of-parts that we use to craft a unit typology while embracing unique conditions as a positive instead of a negative.  A living space is more than a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  A thoughtful design can impact people’s lives in beneficial ways.  Material selection, natural lighting considerations, and intention choices all share a role in crafting living spaces that will attract the tenants you need.


Understanding the realities of your project is no small step to take.  A feasibility study includes enough detail to gather information on cost, project timeline, structural repairs, utility upgrades, landlord/tenant space rations, and other items needed to understand the funding requirements of the project.  Feasibility studies can also include documentation useful for community outreach and engagement as well as municipal feedback.

Image by Ryan Ancill


102 Elm Street, Suite 8
Westfield, MA 01085

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