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Mya McWilliams

Architectural Associate

Mya joined VALERE in May of 2022 after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design Studies and a minor in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. They have experience with custom building and remodeling from working with their father on residential projects and are passionate about efficient designs for occupants. These experiences inspired Mya to pursue an education in architecture.

Taking into consideration the modern practices of architecture, Mya is passionate about integrating sustainable aspects of design into their work. Their studio projects focused on sensitivity to material production and energy efficient systems, believing that these elements are key aspects to reducing energy waste in the built environment. One of their studio projects experimented with developing a multi-family housing project as a Living Building.

In their free time, you can find them fueling their creativity with various forms of mediums by painting, drawing, and sketching.

Mya McWilliams

Architects, Inc.

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