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Keep guests coming back!

At VALERE Architects, we're passionate about designing spaces that tantalize the senses and foster memorable experiences across the entire industry spectrum.

Whether you're brewing craft beers, serving delectable dishes, or opening a boutique hotel, we bring the same dedication and expertise to every project.

We'll aptly navigate equipment coordination, seating layouts, bathroom design, lighting design, and material choices, ensuring your space flows seamlessly while creating an atmosphere that resonates with your unique brand.

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When choosing an architect, it's important to find someone with the experience and the eye for design, and with VALERE, it's the complete package.

Mike Albert, Owner,

Pioneer Valley Trading Co.

Image by Alice Butenko


Our designs optimize kitchen workflow, maximize space, and create a seamless dining experience. From “white box” tenant fit outs to minor and major renovations, VALERE can assist you in crafting a space that fits your vision, meets your customer’s needs, and sticks to your budget.​

  • Space optimization

  • Kitchen workflow

  • Upscale dining

  • Brand coordination

  • Lighting design


From intimate nooks to sleek espresso bars, our designs encourage meaningful connections and guide the flow of people within the space. If you need a food prep area or have a challenging existing space, VALERE can propose solutions that balance the needs and goals of your café while crafting a café that will have your customers coming back for more.

  • Barista accommodations

  • Seating layout

  • Circulatory considerations

  • Interior design


Whether you're a seasoned brewer or a passionate newcomer, our team crafts spaces that are as unique and flavorful as your signature pint. We work closely with you to capture your unique aesthetic, whether it's rustic and industrial, modern and minimalist, or anything in between. So grab a pint and let us help you create a one of a kind space.

  • Utility infrastructure

  • Taproom

  • Efficient layout

  • Multifunctionality

  • Teaching space


We design custom experiences for every budget and style, whether you're building a small neighborhood bar or a high-end cocktail lounge. From extensive renovations to minor design modifications VALERE is your trusted partner to bring your vision into reality.

  • Furniture coordination

  • Rooftop bar

  • Speakeasy

  • Lighting design

  • Renovation or new construction

  • Custom bar design


Our design solutions aren't just about aesthetics, they deliver high-end experiences that capture the essence of hospitality. While we excel in crafting beautiful interiors, we understand that successful hotel design goes far beyond the walls of guest rooms.  VALERE can help you craft a unique boutique hotel or coordinate with the branding standards of a larger hotel group.

  • Room & suite design

  • Cafe, bar, & kitchen coordination

  • Meeting & event spaces

  • Functionality and security

  • New construction / renovation


A consumption lounge is a place where people can buy and consume cannabis on the premises, similar to a bar or restaurant. These comfortable and inviting lounges offer a unique experience beyond a traditional bar setting.  The VALERE team can help you navigate the unique cannabis regulations and the classic demands of a hospitality space.

  • Regulatory compliance

  • New construction or renovation

  • Interior design

  • Private consumption rooms

  • Experience rooms

  • Prep kitchens


Are you ready to begin working on your project?  Maybe you're still in the early stages of planning.

No matter how far along in the process you may be, VALERE is ready to help your project become a reality. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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