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Industry standard phases for projects of any scale and any sector.

When you choose to work with the VALERE team, your project will progress though:

Each phase has a specific and unique function as described below.  The timeframe for developing the drawings for you project varies based on the service tier that meets your needs, the complexities of your project, the local approval process, and necessary consultant coordination efforts. 



During the Pre-design Phase, VALERE reviews any existing documentation to help us understand the building (for renovation projects) as well as visit the site to measure and observe the existing conditions.  We discuss the project goals and needs with the client to define the scope of the project. Pre-design is focused on information gathering to assist in making efficient, informed, and practical decisions.


Deliverables for Pre-design often include:

  • Existing floor plans based on available information and in-person surveying.

  • Exterior elevations of relevant facades based on available information and in-person surveying.

  • Existing Conditions Report with scoping information and potential areas of concern regarding project budget and timeline.



During the Schematic Design Phase, VALERE and the client discuss the project and any requirements already identified.  We perform precedent research and property analysis including zoning and building code matters that may affect the design. Space planning is discussed with the client and individual spaces and programmatic needs are identified.  VALERE takes this information and establishes the size, location, and relationships between all the spaces. The basic goal of Schematic Design is to establish the shape and size of the building, or renovation within and existing structure.


Deliverables for Schematic Design often include:

  • Floor plans depicting proposed work (suitable for special permit application is required).

  • Exterior elevations and proposed modifications.

  • Code information pertaining to occupancy types, egress points, and other information needed for civil coordination.



During the Design Development Phase, VALERE and the client work together to select materials including interior finishes and products such as windows, doors, fixtures, appliances, and materials.  After our team meets with the client, we adjust the initial drawings based on the feedback and comments from the Schematic Design Phase resulting in revised drawings capture more specifics and detail.  Often this review-and-revise process involves a series of meetings, especially for projects with a design focus.


Preliminary engineering will start on the structure as well as heating/ventilation systems, electrical, plumbing, energy analysis and any other project specific systems. At the end of Design Development, most of the product selection and systems design should be progressing. This phase concludes when the interior and exterior design of the building is firmly established by the VALERE team and approved by the client. At the end of this phase, we can start collecting estimates from general contractors that may be interested in the project.


Deliverables for Design Development often include:

  • Detailed floor plans, building sections, wall sections, and exterior elevations.

  • Preliminary reflected ceiling plans for coordination with M/E/P systems and lighting scope.

  • Toilet room fixture count, location, and layout.

  • Preliminary finish plans and material list.

  • Preliminary door and window schedules.

  • Preliminary egress and life safety plans.

  • Preliminary construction details relevant for a pricing exercise.

  • If relevant, extraction lab plans, kitchen plans, and manufacturing and equipment layouts for coordination purposes.



During the Construction Documentation Phase, the VALERE team will begin preparing drawings, notes, and relevant technical specifications necessary for bidding, construction, and permit application.  The design of the project is well set with little modifications to the plans and elevations taking place after Design Development is completed. In this phase we coordinate with Engineers to finalize all the technical drawing and engineering details for heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical, gas, and energy calculations.  All products and materials are selected and/or scheduled in the drawing package and the drawings are ready for another pricing exercise by the general contractor.  Typically, though out this phase we hold weekly meetings with the client, consultants, and the general contractor if one is already brought onto the project.


Deliverables for Construction Documentation often include:

  • Finalized plans, exterior elevations, building sections, wall sections, interior elevations.

  • Building code review narrative as required for the local authority having jurisdiction.

  • Construction details for material relationships, aesthetics, and coordination for the various trades.

  • Door, window, and equipment schedules.

  • Product specifications.

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